Professional Writing & Editing

I am experienced in a wide range of writing, but interviews, profiles and reviews related to the Arts are my specialty. In 2005, myself and Megan Milks, a writer and colleague, co-founded Mildred Pierce magazine, now on its 4th issue. Check the Mildred Pierce blog for goings on and to order back issues. Click herefor some clippings of my published journalism.

I am currently employed as a production editor and typesetter. I am available for freelance editing and layout work for pretty much any kind of publication. Holler at me.

Urban Theory

I have a strong interest in the study and implementation of public policy that is focused on reimagining public urban space in post-economic-collapse cities (especially here in the United States). Do you have expertise in geography, GIS, urban history, and/or planning? Do you want to collaborate on a research project for a standalone website and possibly a publication? Contact me at "j.bylander at gmail (dot) com" for further details.

Performance and Poetry

As yet, the poems I have been doing in performance have not been published, even by me, but they will be. If you are interested in having me be a part of a reading or performance event, email me at j(dot)bylander(at)gmail(dot)com.

Recent Readings
Copycat Theater Performance Variety Show, Baltimore, MD January 2010
MIrkwood Performance Series, Baltimore, MD February 2010
Flickr Poetry, The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative, Charlottesville, VA, May 2010

Email Me: j(dot)bylander(at)gmail(dot)com. Check out the zine that I co-edit, Mildred Pierce .